Take Me Out IPlayer.

Missed an episode of Take Me Out on ITV?
Did you know you can watch Take Me Out using the ITV IPlayer? Take Me Out is a prime time Saturday night show hosted by Paddy McGuiness.

The premise of the show is simple. Girls have to choose if they like a guy or not, by leaving their red light on. Remember "No Likey, No Lighty" The guy then chooses from the ones who have left their light on, and they go on a date.

It's an updated and more lively version of the classic Blind Date. If you ever miss an episode, you can watch it online, and also here.

Here's a recent video from the show, just in case you missed it.

Im a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here IPlayer.

I'm a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here! (U.S. TV s...Have you missed an episode of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here?
It's OK, you can watch ther show right now using the ITV IPlayer, online whenever you want.
The brand new series of I'm a Celebrity, stars Nigel Havers, Linford Christie and Stacey Soloman to name a few.

We have seen a few new names thrown into the jungle in the past few days, and another person is being dropped in too. Talk about stirring it up. Gillian McKeith is the one driving everyone mental, but she is doing most of the Bushtucker Trials, so the other celebs get some piece.

Watch a clip from I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, online now.
Here we see Shaun Rider and Gillian McKeith going head to head in the School Dinners bushtucker trial. Are you eating?

Emmerdale ITV IPlayer.

Emmerdale ITV IPlayer.

Emmerdale, is one of ITV's biggest shows. Airing on ITV1 every weekday, Emmerdale is the channels biggest soap, after Coronation Street. If you miss any episodes of Emmerdale, you can watch them right now, using the ITV IPlayer, or ITV Player as it's known.

Not only can you watch Emmedale,you can also watch hundredsmore shows, including Coronation Street, Downton Abbey, Heartbeat, and many more.

Watch Emmerdale right now-

Remember to watch Emmerdale on the ITV IPlayer.

X Factor Catch Up.

Have you missed any of the X Factor 2010?
Don't worry, you can watch The X Factor right now on the ITV IPlayer. This years show has been one of the most exciting in years, with some awesome acts coming through this year.

One to watch could be Cher Lloyd, an outstanding performer, who has amazed the viewers and judges too. Their has been rumours online as to who as made it through to the final 12. As a avid viewer and fan of the show, i don't want to know, and i won't be posting those names here.

Here's Cher Lloyd from this week's show-

Downton Abbey on ITV IPlayer. Downton Abbey Catch Up.

The brand new Sunday night period drama Downtown Abbey
, has been an instant success with viewers. If you missed the first episode of Downton Abbey, you can watch it right now using the ITV IPlayer.

The costume drama
, which started Sunday at 9pm on ITV1, is one of this years biggest shows, reportedly costing 1 million pound for every hour, to make. The show which stars Maggie Smith, and many other well known actors, has hed a few complaints however, with many viewers complaining about the amount of ad breaks, during the 90 minute opening episode.

The show, will be running for a few more weeks yet, and remember, you can watch the show online, as long as your inside the UK.

Get your copy of Downton Abbey on DVD and Blu-Ray-
Downton Abbey - Series 1 [DVD]
Downton Abbey Series 1 [Blu-ray]

Watch this ITV promo for Downton Abbey-

Midsomer Murders

Midsomer Murders

Midsomer Murders, is one ITV's biggest murder mystery shows. Along with Lewis, Midsomer Murders, gives the viewers quality who dunnit, a Countryside settings.
Starring John Nettles, who will be leaving the show soon, the ITV 1 show, has an army of fans around the world, and is not only popular in the UK.

You can watch Midsomer Murders online, using the ITV IPlayer. You can watch brand new episodes, and old classic shows too. If your a fan of Midsomer Murders, you will never be without your favourite show anymore.

Here's a clip of Midsomer Murders, to get you on the mood.

Loose Women Catch Up

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPT 09: (EMBARGOED FOR PUBL...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Loose Women Catch Up.

Missed an episode of the excellent ITV 1 show Loose Women?
I do all the time, but i always watch it later, using the ITV IPlayer. Loose Women, is the awesome midday show, hosted by Kate Thornton and Andrea McClean.

We always try and post the most up to date episodes of Loose Women, right here, so that you can watch them online. the video below, from Fridays show, features the Showbiz Spotlight part of the show.

Watch Loose Women Catch Up now.

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